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Built-In Nutrition Team

The YLR Publishing team are experts in the science and nutrition of food to create balanced recipes, cookbooks and guides, meal plans, tips, and wellness content and programs to drive healthful changes. We have expertise in creating recipes that can satisfy health needs. We take nutritional scientific research and transform it to relevant and useable consumer-friendly tips, guides and recipes that are simple, engaging and fun. Food is an amazing tool to promote health, and our goal is to drive success for positive lifestyle change.

Recipes for Success

Our team of chefs and nutritionists have the expertise and creative MAGIC to create content and cookbooks with fun, simple and healthy recipes. We think about the recipes, as well as the the entire cooking process, from number and availability of ingredients, economic cost, shopping list creation, prep and cook time, serving sizes and amounts, and even clean-up time! We have created and published over 30 5-star rated cookbooks and developed hundreds of recipes for top kitchen appliances, food companies, health and wellness companies, medical practices, and supermarket retailers. Our eyes are always on creating healthier, nutritious recipes and plans that are delicious and easy to follow—our goal is to create the “all-time” favorites!

Corporate and Author Partners

We have expertise in understanding different consumer targets to understand the different “nuggets” of consumer insight to drive success and promote healthful change.

For our corporate partners, our goal is to create recipe and wellness content to empower and to promote inspiration and motivation to lead a healthier lifestyle, while building loyalty for your products. This can be in the form of cookbooks, digital recipe content, social media, and/or recipe videos. Check out some of YLR’s work here

For our authors, our focus is to collaborate and create cookbooks based on both life-stage needs and being on the forefront of nutritional, food and home-cooking trends to empower consumers toward a positive healthy lifestyle.

Our Mission

To improve the eating habits of Americans by engaging consumers to food in a fun and inspirational way. Healthier eating CAN be simple and delicious, and it is our mission to create the WOW and amazement of getting there!

Who We Are

Our team is a unique combination of nutritionists, chefs, and marketers to make this magic happen! We work with food companies, food retailers, appliance companies, and health and wellness firms to develop integrated programs, including delicious recipes and guides/tips, and consumer friendly health information. This can be accomplished in the form of inspiration guides, cookbooks, videos, social media, and video.

About Mona Dolgov, President and Chief Nutritional Officer

Nutritionist and product development expert Mona Dolgov lives her lifelong mission of creating healthier food products and inventing simple culinary tricks to create yummy recipes. A graduate of Cornell University in Nutritional Sciences (Nutritional Biochemistry), and an MBA from New York University, she has worked in the housewares and food industry for the last 20+ years, inventing patented food-related products,  and launching marketing programs for healthier living. She also has authored and published over 20 cookbooks for housewares manufacturers and grocery retailers, focused on simplicity and using nutritious ingredients. She recently co-authored The Perfect Portion Cookbook, a 5-star rated cookbook that makes American classics healthier and guides consumers to healthier portion control.

We do it all!

Our team of product development experts, nutritionists, professional chefs, designers, writers, strategic marketers, photographers, and printers make it turnkey to create cookbooks and recipes fast and effectively.

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